In the pursuit of organizational excellence, every business seeks to maintain peak operational efficiency. Entrusting your ERP system to a dependable service provider is a fundamental step towards achieving this goal. Excellanto specializes in Custodial Support Services, offering robust assistance with a broad spectrum of services. ERP systems rely on numerous database tables that necessitate continuous oversight throughout the year. Regular updates are critical for seamless functionality, even in contingency situations.

Navigating Efficiency with Excellanto's ERP Maintenance & Management

Tailored Service Delivery Model

Excellanto's customized service delivery model provides a comprehensive suite of facilities.

✔️Our functional service catalog covers Logistics, SCM, HCM, Analytics, Financial & Controlling.
✔️Our technical menu encompasses Security, Identity Management, Custom Development, Application Integration, Mobility Migration, Data Quality, 

Comprehensive ERP Support

By joining hands with Excellanto, you gain access to top-tier, all-encompassing ERP support.


Precision Diagnosis of Your ERP Expert Troubleshootin

Our knowledge-driven IT engineers diligently analyze and diagnose ERP issues.
Root Cause Analysis is systematically applied to rectify faults and enhance system performance.

The ERP Service Connect Catalogue Simplifying ERP Complexity

Excellanto simplifies the intricate world of ERP by harmonizing hardware, software, and software integrators.

Our technology-agnostic approach liberates you to focus on your core business.

Our Comprehensive Array of ERP Support & Services

✔️ERP Assessment & Optimization
✔️Error Checks & Health ✔️Diagnostics
✔️Fast Fusion Assessment
✔️SOA Boot Camp & Visioning
✔️Hot Staging
✔️Configuration & Change Management
✔️Upgrade & Migration
✔️User-Intensive Training
✔️Hardware Aid
✔️Patch Transport
✔️DB Administration & Compliance Audit
✔️Patch Transport Management
✔️Customization & Software Updates
✔️Project Governance
✔️Testing & Validation
✔️Code Optimization

Unleashing the Benefits of ERP Services at Excellanto.Flexible Billing Options

Excellanto offers a range of billing alternatives, allowing you to customize your support contracts to meet your unique needs.
The Reasonable Engagement Model (REM) aids in managing cash outflows and optimizing investments in your core business.
Payment options include Pay-Per-Hour, Pay-Per-Period, Pay-Per-Patch, or Pay-Per-Project.
Unused time can be carried forward to the next service season for added flexibility.