NDP bill provides Nova Scotians option to pay day loans

NDP bill provides Nova Scotians option to pay day loans

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The brand new Democrats introduced a bill Tuesday that could provide customers a substitute for high priced payday advances.

“Because associated with the excessive interest levels therefore the method in which the attention substances with payday loan providers, lots of people whom make use of the cash enter into a cycle of owing,” said Susan Leblanc, the NDP representative for Dartmouth North. “It can actually quickly spiral away from control. Our bill is actually providing a substitute for those forms of loans, that are lower interest micro-credit loans which will be offered through the credit union system.”

You can find 42 pay day loan outlets in Nova Scotia, based on a report commissioned for customer advocate Dave Roberts and submitted into the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. The board does reviews associated with loan that is payday every 3 years to talk about restrictions on concurrent and repeat loans.

The board hearing occured this and a decision is pending month.

Roberts, a Halifax attorney, has forced for a decrease in the maximum price of borrowing, that will be now set at $22 per $100 loaned. He want to look at cost that is maximum to $15 per $100.

“Payday loan providers exploit the indegent by charging you effective interest levels that is often as high as 600 %,” Leblanc stated.