Fact check always: Congress, households see no student loan breaks. Times-Union visitors want to know

Fact check always: Congress, households see no student loan breaks. Times-Union visitors want to know


Could it possibly be true that members of Congress, their families in addition to their staffs do not have to pay back their particular student loans?

This really is another of those string emails that riff from the one out of which individuals are demanding an innovative new modification into the structure that could restrict Congress from producing any rules that its very own members don’t need to follow.

Congress customers and their families must repay any figuratively speaking just like the rest of us.

And employees must also, while they become help from a student-based loan repayment plan. Qualified congressional staff, like national people, have the advantage of getting out of bed to $60,000 in figuratively speaking paid back. Nonetheless, the program has actually annual and life limits and relies upon how much time the staffer remains working. A similar program exists for executive department workforce.

Began on ‘Hannity’

FactCheck.org, a nonpartisan fact-finding job of Annenberg community rules Center at the University of Pennsylvania, traced the confusion about financing repayments to remarks Fox personal loans in Idaho state News governmental factor cock Morris produced on Aug. 23, 2010, on “The Sean Hannity tv show.”

Morris stated: “have you any idea – my spouse, Eileen, just told me past that workforce in your house of Representatives plus in the Senate usually do not pay student education loans straight back? The us government will pay it for them?”

Morris went on to say that your house “last 12 months invested $25 million paying the earnings [and] student loans of these staffers.”

It isn’t precise to say that employees “do maybe not shell out student education loans right back.”

Only for staff

The student loan payment training comprise instituted to greatly help our home, Senate and executive branch maintain a quality employees, relating to a study from the nonpartisan Congressional study services, FactCheck.org research.