Greater Victoria Construction Safety and Lease Lender Plan

Greater Victoria Construction Safety and Lease Lender Plan

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What’s the better Victoria property safety and book lender plan?

a R ent B ank produces financial help in the shape of a no-interest repayable mortgage, to households in danger of eviction for explanations such as for instance non-payment of lease or utilities. The borrowed funds could also be used as a damage deposit and/or very first period’s lease to maneuver to safe and sustainable houses

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The more Victoria Housing Security and lease Bank Program helps family and people who meet qualifications requirements and who might at risk of eviction or important utility disconnection because a temporary shortage of funds.

*Exceptions can be built in some circumstances if all other qualifications standards tend to be fulfilled.

Low-income is described as follows:

Necessary Files

Two bits of government-issued detection (one with a photograph)

Proof of Tenancy or purpose to book (ex: house Tenancy Agreement, rental contract, or other leasing contract)

Eviction see or power Notice of Disconnection (if appropriate)